July 1, 2022

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How Racist is Elon Musk?

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As I wrote lately, this query is basically about being anti-racist.

After we ask how weak software program is, it will sound unsuitable for somebody to defend themselves with “how dare you name software program weak”. Software program has flaws, so we always search for proof that flaws are being recognized and remediated. It’s fundamental hygiene.

Likewise, after we ask how racist somebody is, the response desired ought to come as some type of proof that racism is being acknowledged and eliminated wherever it could exist.

On that danger administration word, I to this point have discovered zero proof of Elon Musk working in any capability to be anti-racist, regardless of copious proof of him being accused of racism.

Right here’s a fast evaluate of an notorious racism lawsuit:

  • Psychology In the present day: “We don’t know something about Mr. Musk’s emotions about Black folks concerning the case. [Tesla] not directly gave organizational assist to particular person prejudice and bigotry; Tesla was engaged in racism.”
  • Jalopnik: “Elon Musk’s Alleged Response To Tesla Racism Complaints: ‘Be Thick-Skinned And Settle for Apology’”
  • Tesla’s official assertion instantly contradicting its recommendation to employees to cease combating for issues they consider in: “At Tesla, we’d quite pay ten instances the settlement demand in authorized charges and battle to the ends of the Earth than give in…”

Each proof of racism and self-contradictory logic set the tone.

Telling Black employees to cease combating towards racism, whereas stating that Tesla won’t ever cease combating towards issues they don’t like… is strictly the alternative of anti-racism.

Elon Musk is South African, which is vital right here. Take into account for instance that he has posted basic white supremacist memes resembling this one.

Anybody aware of African historical past would acknowledge this for what it’s, a racist assault on Black liberation theology.

This tweet was on the peak of rigidity in America about Black Lives Matter (BLM). Clearly spreading a racist extremist right-wing meme places Elon Musk on the unsuitable facet of historical past.

Backlash towards Black Lives Matter consists of branding it as Marxist.

Take into account this meme is also a long-time white supremacist matter and never simply from 2020.

Within the essential first decade of African freedom from colonialism the leaders of Algeria (Ahmed Ben Bella), Egypt (Gamal Abdel Nasser), Ghana (Kwame Nkrumah), Guinea (Ahmed Sékou Touré), Kenya (Tom Mboya) and Tanzania (Julius Nyerere) all displayed a public affinity for socialism.

Black post-colonial actions logically moved public sentiment in the direction of sharing in the advantages of labor no matter shade or race, even earlier than rising to the theme of liberation from oppression.

South African whites particularly tried to refute such pondering by labeling anti-racism as radicalism or extremism — calling it Marxist. They used this trick to border the white oppressors as potential victims, criminalizing anti-racism (e.g. Black Lives Matter) for being a criticism of white supremacist “success” and wealth.

South Africa’s overtly racist and white police state additionally explicitly courted the USA at the moment by claiming racism was the logical protection towards Marxism, — denying freedom, independence and self-determination of Blacks as a “capitalist” or “enterprise” mannequin of wealth accumulation.

If fundamental African historical past, particularly South Africa’s violent racist “anti-Marxist” oppression strategies, then you definately maybe now see Elon Musk was normalizing racism in a submit that makes use of a mixture of Black “slang” appropriation with a phrase suggesting somebody unfit for work.

Elon Musk’s “gib me dat without cost” appears akin to a racist defensive sentiment of the white law enforcement officials who opened hearth on unarmed protestors in 1960. In different phrases it ought to recall to mind how sixty-nine South Africans have been killed and 186 wounded in Sharpeville, with most shot within the again by police.

Criminalizing meeting and speech of Blacks, as a result of they known as for equity and liberation from apparent racist oppression, was racism encoded by calling it protection towards Communism.

Succeeding the Sharpeville incident, a gathering convened by the South African Communist Get together (SACP) in December 1960 in Emmarentia, Johannesburg, aimed to discern the best way ahead in gentle of the African Nationwide Congress’ (ANC) ban and the imposition of a state of emergency. Amongst those that attended have been Mandela, Sisulu, Govan Mbeki, Mhlaba, Kotane and plenty of different ANC and SACP members. These attending congruently agreed that the agenda of non-violence must get replaced by armed resistance within the type of the institution of army models…

That was adopted by the 1960 “Illegal Organizations Act“, which amended the 1956 “Riotous Assemblies Act”, which all was preceded by the way more clearly named 1950 “Suppression of Communism Act”.

This act, “after being rushed by way of each homes of Parliament” (Riley 1991: 69), “was launched to allow the banning of the African Nationwide Congress and the Pan African Congress” (Dyzenhaus 1991: 45).

Thus we will see how Marxism has been embroiled in racism, used as a way to name Black folks lazy and silly, unable to assume for themselves or self-rule.

Anti-Communist propaganda even has gone as far as to counsel Blacks couldn’t have developed minds and as a substitute have been like puppets of a Soviet or Chinese language playbook.

That exact reference from South African historical past issues right here too as a result of Elon Musk additionally has delivered an odd depiction of Chinese language.

Elon Musk lamented the “entitled” and “complacent” character of individuals in the USA, and lauded the “sensible” and “exhausting working folks” of China…

Presumably Musk has a selected type of cognitive blindness such that he doesn’t see a contradiction in overtly praising Asian communism, whereas claiming to be a critic of Black sounding communism.

The blindness is probably going greatest defined as… racism.

Elon Musk heaped reward on China’s financial improvement late Wednesday evening because the Communist Get together celebrated its one hundredth anniversary in energy.

Extra lately, Elon Musk shared an extemist right-wing meme in regards to the Ukraine Struggle with a racist tone.

Predictably his defenders invoked “white savior” logic of South African apartheid, claiming Elon Musk has given a lot that any criticism of him shouldn’t be allowed.

First, Elon Musk wouldn’t be serving to Ukraine if the nation was not predominantly white. It’s no coincidence allegations stand that Tesla’s “majority-Black departments are known as the ‘plantation,’ ‘ghetto’ & ‘slave ship.’”

Second, warfare is not any joke. That is like arguing as a result of his workers are paid nicely they need to tolerate him inflicting trauma and abuse. A Black warfare blast sufferer was tormented with rocket warning sounds whereas attempting to work at Tesla.

Third, Elon Musk dramatically elevated his enterprise offers with Russia since 2020. Shopping for a Tesla actually can imply shopping for from Russia.

Once more, I’ve to emphasise I’m searching for proof of anti-racism, but discovering increasingly more proof of racism. Ending up discovering that Tesla claimed to be serving to Ukraine but has been driving new offers with Russia proper earlier than it invaded Ukraine, appears solely becoming.

I doubt Wired will choose up this weblog submit about Elon Musk’s racism in the identical approach as the final time, however I do hope somebody can discover proof of anti-racism.


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